About Doggy Play Park

Located in Dingley Village, Doggy Play Park is Australia's first private dog park which allows dogs of all breeds and sizes to run off lead in a safe and secure environment. Whether it be for dogs who need their own private space, or those who prefer a play with others, sister- founders Miranda and Shannon are proud of the benefits Doggy Play Park provides to the local community through providing all dogs with an opportunity to live a fulfilling life off lead.

Private Dog Park

With social and private options between four parks daily, there is an option for all dogs.

Dog Walking Services

Restricted on time yet want your dog to experience the fun? Contact our associated dog walking companies today!

Group Bookings

Available most Saturdays and Sundays, Doggy Play Park is the perfect venue to host your group booking.

IS YOUR DOG SUITABLE? short answer, yes!


  • For dogs who prefer their own space
  • For dogs who have a history of anxiety or reactivity
  • For dogs who prefer to play alone
  • For humans and dogs to work on training in an area without distractions


  • Enjoy a friendly play with other dogs
  • For dogs with no history of anxiety or reactivity
  • For humans who have a good understanding of dog's body language
  • For humans who have full control over their dog at all times

Doggy Play Park is not a space to practice socialisation. Social sessions are for dogs who are well socialised, and Doggy Play Park recommends engaging with a trainer for socialisation within a controlled environment.